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Asus ROG G614 Stuttering

Level 8

Hello I have since about 3 months ago or so experimenting a sttutering in any recent game, I think thats something related to temp and sensors here is my system config:

Model G614JV
BIOS Version : 321
NVIDIA Display Driver : (546.24)
Intel Graphics Driver :
Windows Build Version : Windows 11 Home V 10.0.22621
Game/Software experiencing stuttering: Everything, but specially in games apps that require video acceleration.

I have reinstalled many times changed the SSD, I tryed a clean install but the windows setup cannot continue (if any one knows the trick to instal with out that asus launcher and have a real clean install without all that bloat ware would also be appreciated).

When I run benchmarks or any games the temp value keeps jumping like this:
Is this normal?? the spikes seems to correlate with the FPS drop.

Also here are two videos that show the sudden drop in frames, it seems like a ciclic drop:

Im out of ideas, in other thread I was recommended to turn off g-sync, that didn't made any change, so I'm thiking to send it to warranty.
If someone has any other thing to test or if the support staff can helpme I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.


Level 9

I have the same issue as you, it can't be fixed lol. It's Asus's fault and they should've done something about it but they probably gave up on it because they probably thought it's not that big of an issue 🤷. 

Level 12

In fact, I don't support the GHelper program yet, but it could help you. Uninstall "Armory Crate" and launch GHelper, this program has an option to stop ASUS processes running in the background.

Level 12

The problem in reality is in you (i dont blame you ) just you need to know how to optimize your laptop becouse every new laptop need optimization if you use it whit settings out of the box you will not get the full potential


Another thing is even you install Ghelper that will not help everything will be the same dont trust to all idiot that say whit Ghelper you will be better i have the same laptop and work perfect whitout Ghelper and other things that every second person say


So use your Armory Crate and create a Custom Gaming Profiles dont use Performance or Turbo mode ... Make tou custom power and fan graph also reinstall the GPU drivers again and provide more good information about the performance of the laptop make a Graph to see some parameters when you get this stutters 


The graph must be something like this also we must know at what CPU GPU SYS fan speed is your system when you make this test 


 even you send it to warranty that will not fix anything becouse that laptop need optimization

Also do you play on cooling pad or no

Dont do what every man say you becouse the most people here have 0 knowing about how to fix problem and what make them .....

I understand that you are the smartest in the world and everyone else is an idiot?

No i am not so smart but most of the people here write stupid thing and talk bull**its .... Instead to help they even make the thing worst and they start to blame Asus start to blame Armory Crate but in the end the true is somewhere else! If someone dont know better dont write stupid things  🙂

can i ask you what is the logic in your advice to uninstall armory crate and install Ghelper ? Armory Crate and Gheper have so many things that can be customized for the better performance of the laptop or if you make 1 mistake you can get problems like his ....  I can tell you what will happen if he do what you say NOTHING

This 2 programs make same work and is not important what program you will use but how good you will abjust your settings 

Everything you write is emotional, but there's nothing about it that ensures computer culture. The first thing you can do to improve the performance of your laptop is to use ThrottleStop and lower the voltage of the cores and CPU cache, because doing so increases performance and lowers temperatures. Millions of people have been using this solution for 15 years and praise it because it brings measurable benefits. Overclocking fan curves or cooling pads are uncomfortable solutions because they emit a lot of noise.

Hello, I'm sorry if this is off topic but I'm having the same issue as the original post and I'm wondering if it was due to thermal throttling (I have an i7-12700H, I'm reaching higher than 90C in demanding games), I used hwinfo to check and it said that my CPU was throttling when it reaches ~89C degrees, however I've been told that it's normal for my temps to reach up to 95C so I don't know what to believe. Do you think I should use Throttlestop?

I've been using ThrottleStop for a few years now successfully, so yes, I recommend this program.