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Asus Rog g513QR Laptop RTX 3070 unlocked BIOS for overclcoking ?

Level 7

Please can some one post the link to the BIOS which is unlocked for overclcoking for this laptop?

I beleive the last BIOS was 307 however since my laptop is 2021 model can I use a different BIOS in order to get the feautres I previously had on my older Asus laptop.

Many thanks

Level 7
Hey, I have this exact same laptop and I wanted to know from someone with the same model if by any chance have you experience random performance spikes on games? Mine works fine but in Turbo or manual mode the game goes into something like Slowmotion for a second and then goes back up, I don't know if it's thremal throttling or something. Also wanted to ask what is the regular temperature you have under Silent mode? Because even in silent mode doing nothing my CPU it's at 70 degrees and I don't know if that's normal. Sorry to piggyback on this thread but it's the only one that I found it has my exact same model