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ASUS ROG G15 AE 2021 2500 GPU score in Time Spy

Level 7

One month ago my laptop used to shut down after 2 hours of gaming in Elden Ring. So about 3 weeks ago I decided to change the metal liquid and the pads and I did cleaned the fans.Also I did reinstalled windows too.

Now I can barely launch Elden Ring and it shuts down after 2 minutes.

I just got 2514 GPU score in Time Spy and the only thing I can run is Dota and even there the laptop shuts down after one hour.

I dont really have a proper service nearby where I can take it to get an idea about whats wrong with it.

Did my GPU just died ? I have no clue what I should do to fix it


Level 9

I had liquid metal pumping out of my laptop and the temps were insane so I replaced it with thermal paste and all the thermal pads with k5 pro. Well, it just wasn't great after doing that but every month my temps got worse so I had to do it. I then replaced the thermal paste with PTM7950 and it helped immensely. I then had to setup a profile that limits the GPU to 160w which fixed the stuttering and I lost less than 5% so that's just how it's going to be. I also game with a cooling pad with active fans which always was necessary. Finally I took a dremel to the bottom and made way more holes so the cooling pad could be more effective.I'd assume PTM750, a custom profile that limits the gpu to 160w, and cooling pads are all you need but the extra holes definitely help the cooling pad do its job.

I should have RMA'd it when I opened it and saw that I had the defective by design version that has the liquid metal pump out but Asus support is a scam and I didn't want to get scammed so I just dealt with it myself.

I hope that helps.