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ASUS ROG G15 Advantage Edition - G513QY - HQ746 - Several Questions and Issues

Level 8
Cheers and hello to the community,

I recently recieved my G15 advantage edition and overallI am quite happy with the device.

But I got some issues that I need to sort out because I decide to keep it.
And a few open questions that the packaging as the marketing material does not answer.


  • Wattage of GPU
    In some reviews of the device I have seen that the TDP of the GPU is at 140watts.
    AOURS Crate shows me that no matter which mode I am using it always sits at 115.
    What is the wattage of the GPU and how to change it?

  • Tuning of GPU
    I looked around to find a way to tune the GPU and undervolt it for better cooling performance.
    AMD Radeon Software does not show me any way to edit the performance settings of the GPU.
    Is it able to undervolt the GPU?

  • Tuning (undervolting) of CPU
    Same question as for the GPU

  • Fan Control?
    I am not sure how the fan control works and did not find a manual for it.
    In the balanced mode the fans rapidly fire up to almost full speed. Even I am not even touching the machine.
    IWhen I check what is going on there is no app running except the service apps of ASUS itself (like Amoury Crate)
    This is a really strange behavior.
    Is this a known issue?

  • The HDMI port is not directly connected to the GPU. But I can connect external monitors directly via USB-C.
    Can I use an USB-C Hub to get the full performance? Is there anything to look out when buying an USB-C hub?
    How does other devices affect the performance when I am gaming for example and also using file transfers via USB-C.
    Saddly this machine just got one USB-C port.

List of issues.

  • The touchpad makes a sound
    Never experienced that before but the touchpad gives a very settle clicking from it.
    No issue if this is normal for this touchpad model, just wanted to check on it.
    It even makes a sound if I scroll with the mouse wheel - very strange.

  • Overall performance way undereath average
    I attached to images of firestrike 3D results.
    My machine here is way underneath the average of the one tested.
    I tested it repeadelty. Even at 12°C outside.
    The performance did not differ much if tested inside at room temperature or outside.
    The file and image upload does not work.
    So here are the scores:
    Balanced mode: 10311
    Turbo mode. 10664
    Average: 11316

  • Stuttering in Games - No fluenty Gameplay
    Somehow in Cyberpunk as well as in Enlisted I do not get any fluent gameplay. The fps are pushing way above 60hz with my graphic settings.
    But I do not get any fluent image. Thers are no fps drops these are stutters or missing frames.
    Is this a known issue and how t solve it?
    In Cyberpunk it gets noticable worse when Freesync is enabled.

  • Freesync range
    I honestly do not see any improvements when using Freesync. What is the supported range of fps for Freesync on the 165hz panel.
    I know freesync from my screen at home, there it is quite noticable.

  • STandy RGB LED Movement
    Is there a way to turn of the rgb lighing when in Standby.
    This blinking is surely annoying and should have never been there at the first place.

  • Can I activate the secondoray function at the F-KEys? i did not find a setting for that in the BIOS.
    I never us the function keys, just the secondary functions like brigthness up etc.
    Is it possible to use thise functions without pressin the "FN" key?

  • Armoury Crate mode swith.
    Is there an overlay that could tell me which mode i switched to.
    There is the function button on the keyboard but not overlay that tells me which mode I am in. SO i always have to check th software as well

Thank you in advance.

Level 8
Srsly? No one?

Shauntre wrote:
Srsly? No one?

I'll try to address a couple ...

Standy RGB LED Movement
Is there a way to turn of the rgb lighing when in Standby.
This blinking is surely annoying and should have never been there at the first place.

Go into A-Crate.
Go into System > Lighting > Settings
Turn off the "Sleep" activity mode for the lights.

Is there an overlay that could tell me which mode i switched to.
There is the function button on the keyboard but not overlay that tells me which mode I am in. SO i always have to check the software as well...

You don't need use the FN key to change A-Crate modes. Just hit the button to the left of the A-Crate dedicated key, the one with the Fan symbol.
Keep pressing that to toggle through three modes: Silent > Performance > Turbo.
You have to go into A-Crate to enable the "Manual" mode unfortunately. That is because you have to agree to that use case each & every time.

More generically...

You can only change the fan profile behavior in Manual Mode.

You cannot undervolt or tweak the CPU until such time Amd enables Ryzen Master to work on this platform. There are third party utilities in the works, but right now? you're out of luck.

Your question about a USB-C to Displayport cable really comes down what monitor you will be connecting to.
I just ordered a USB-C to DP cable from Amazon, just today, that is rated to do up to 240 Hz @ 1080p - which my Predator monitor is capable of.
Be careful to check cable specs closely when shopping; not all cables are rated equally.

With respect to benchmark results. Two words: Silicon Lottery
I have two machines, an early build and a second one from June.
They score differently. Swapping memory doesn't help.
It is what it is.

Don't get hung up on performance metrics not matching what you may see on the internet and/or via review videos. Many of the review machines scored very high compared to the distribution curve of the production builds. For instance, my M5NRK - review build - consistently scores above 14000 on Cinebench R23 in Turbo mode whereas a later build averages 13500. 1000 point spreads on CB are not uncommon. If you hit CB scores @ or below 10000 on this particular machine, I'd be super concerned. Even scores that move around 11000 on CB multi means something is up.
High 11k's and 12k's are still pretty decent scores.

Some touch pads are looser than others. It's a common manufacturing issue - even on the most expensive of machines.

Hope this helps!


Level 8

With regards to the touchpad clicking sound!! Sorry for being late to the party!

Throughout the years I've seen this clicking  issue to be very common, it happens on most units more or less. 

I have returned several units with this phenomena and one time I received another unit straight out of the box.

This  unit  didn't have the clicking sound but it had another more serious issue with the fans, they had an unusual sound while spinning veery fast, they also was spinning unusually fast even while the laptop was idle. Once I also encountered a blue screen of death. So I decided to take back the unit with the minor clicking sound. This unit was perfect and  seems fast and responsive and it also have very good results on 3DMARK stress tests, very reliable system. It only have the minor clicking sound, only on the lower part of the touchpad area. 

In my opinion if the PC only have the clicking sound but everything else works really well, it isn't worth trying to find a unit without the sound. 

So far I have only found one PC manufacturer that states and admits to  this clicking sound to be normal, Huawei states that the clicking sound in the PC trackpad is normal, please see below for the statement from Huawei support: 

"Touchpad is loose and makes a slight tapping noise"

"Your touchpad adopts a cantilever beam structure that reserves a space at the bottom to lift the pressing sensation of the left and right buttons. Therefore, a slight tapping noise can be heard when you press the touchpad. This is normal and does not indicate an issue with your computer.

However, if you feel that tapping noise is abnormal, it is recommended that you take your computer and the proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance (users of newly-purchased computers can contact the point of sale directly). If the issue persists, please report the problem to R&D for further assistance."

The link to the article below:

So Huawei admits that there is a sound. I would just let it be, there a far more serious issues like for instance light bleeding, fan issues and cooling issues and so on. I actually feel like the trackpad that has a sound is more sensitive compared to the ones without a sound.