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ASUS ROG Display Tilt

Level 7

I have a question regarding the max angle a lid can tilt on Asus ROG series: from my observation, the ROG series has a rather poor tilting angle of around 30 degrees only (relative to the plane perpendicular on the laptop's body), while on most other laptops (including Asus' own TUF or Vivobook series) the tilting is much greater at 45-60 degrees; some Vivobook's screens can be tilted up to 90 degrees. Is that correct or am I missing something (a small tilting angle can be uncomfortable for a tall person or if you put the laptop on a cooling pad with a high slope)? Why can you tilt the screen on Asus ROG's only to such a limited degree?


Level 7

Hey, Asus, how about a reply? Your ROG series is the only one amongst all other developers with such an anemic display tilt. No other producer, Lenovo, Acer, HP, Dell, MSI, did that. Did you have no tall members in your design team to tell you you are doing something wrong and your ROG models can become uncomfortable if someone one wants to place them on a cooler pad (which are slightly sloped) - heck, even when placed on a flat desk, a taller person, of 185-190 cm or more, has to hunch in order to look perpendicular at the screen.

I also ask because in your generic logo pictures from the section for ROG Strix laptops, I see the picture of a ROG model with a much higher display tilt. Look here: ROG Strix | Gaming laptops|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global ( (The picture with the subtitle Beat the Best . Break the limits; the pictures has 2 laptops in it, one with the lid tilted inside, the other with the lid tilted outside and the tilt of the latter is at 50-60 degrees relative to a plane perpendicular on the laptop - or 140-150 degrees relative to the laptop's main body). Is the picture doctored or does it represent an actual laptop? If you compare that image with the one from the gallery, ROG Strix SCAR 16 (2023) | Gaming Laptops|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global (, I think the difference is immediately noticeable.

Please give me an answer whether the picture from the logo is real because I don't to break the hinges of my ROG by pushing too hard on the lid.  

On the ROG Strix G16 series, the screen opens up to 130°.

That's not little.

First of all, it does not look like 130 degrees, but I'll measure it to be sure (I am not at home for a couple of days, so I can't do it right away, but I'll check when I return).

Second, 130 is not a lot, because laptop displays are smaller than monitors and you usually look at them from up, since you can't position them at the same level as your head: in such circumstances, 130 is barely acceptable even when the laptop is placed on a typical flat desk.

Third, (and this question is addressed to the Asus support) why the picture from the link I provided show an Asus ROG strix with a display tilt of around 150 degrees?

So you own this laptop and dislike the angle of degree in which the screen tilts at ???  It's an acquitted tilt angle in my opinion even on a flat desk. I think the picture you are looking at is sorta misleading in away  cause of the way the picture was taken making it look like it's more angled than it really is.

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