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asus precision touchpad

Level 7

Currently have an Asus strix G713 with the asus precision touchpad.I have noticed since new the track pad gets weird after coming from sleep/hibernation.I will lose partial function on the right middle of the pad and scrolling is horrible and clicking is eratic.I can reboot and most of the time its fixed or if it persists I can remove and reinstall the drivers from asus and it will work again for awhile so I dont think its a hardware issue.I have tried the windows precision drivers but cant get those to work properly,elan will work but will not scroll and synaptics will not even install.Anybody have any info to try and resolve my issue?Its very annoying,I have latest bios installed and I have tried both driver sets from asus.It never happens while Im using the laptop only when coming from sleep/hybernation and it was like this from new.Bluetooth mouse always works fine.