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ASUS GL703 GM high temperatures at (almost) idle

Level 7
Hello! I've bought new laptop and I don't know if it's everything ok. When I'm just viewing browser and do other not heavy load tasks my CPU cores's temperatures are about 55-60 C. CPU usage is about 3%-5%. My GPU is about 60 C. Laptop is used on flat hard surface, nothing prevents air to flow. Fan's profile is set to balanced. Is this normal?


You could use HWiNFO64 5.88 portable or installer to monitor lot of things, even FAN SPEED.

You will receive sensor warning message pop up ASUS NB EC: ASUS GL703VM

if you continue you will active the reading of this sensor but could cause some error, but the best part is that you will be able to see your fan desactived this sensor, only if does not cause any problem,,, i usually use sensor-only, and hiding in the setting stats i don't want.

Active make my GL703VM reboot while playing world of warship, not too often, only this game. World of tank was ok, Kingdom come delirvance, reboot but disabled it. Most of the time, to make sure everything stable. But it's cool to be able seeing temps, voltage and fan speed….while playing different game or winter/summer time. You can make statistics…

only 2 way, i know with HWiNFO or using phone application.

Went to shop and leave my laptop. Received SMS that the laptop should go to ASUS service. They admit that something was wrong. Returned few days ago. I turned it on now and everything seems to be fine 🙂 Previously CPU went from ambient to 60 degrees within 5-6 minutes while idle. Now its fluctuating only 37-42. Runned Prime95 for 10 minutes only to see whats happening. Before it took 2-3 minutes to go 95 degrees on CPU. Probably would go hotter if I would not exit app. Now after 15 minutes its only 58-59 and stable. But the biggest difference is GPU I think. Before while using ... Chrome... it was about 60-63.... Tested in Furmark before RMA. It was 90 on GPU and...95 on CPU almost immediately. Now it stabilized about 62 on GPU for few minutes (turned it off when it step down 1 degree). ON CPU? About 50 all the time. Maybe they didnt connect cooling pipes to GPU? 😄 I hope that's the happy end. Go RMA in such cases.