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ASUS GL702ZC broken fan control fix

Level 7
A few weeks ago, the problem arose on my GL702ZC that the fans could no longer be regulated.
This is a well-known problem and there hasn't been a sensible solution to this other than replacing the mainboard or the GPU.
I have dealt with the topic and have found a solution that allows the fans to be regulated.
Some electrical and soldering knowledge is required for this conversion.
I got two 12v PWM controllers and 2 pairs of JST micro connectors (male/female). The PWM controllers have a temperature sensor.
This sensor is mounted once on the GPU cooler, the second on the CPU cooler.
The power supply for the controller is carried out quite normally on the plug connection on the mainboard.
From there the controllers are supplied with 12v voltage. The temperature is now controlled completely automatically via the sensors.
An idle speed and fan curve can be set on the PWM controller via a setup button, from how many degrees the fans should start rotating faster and at what intervals the temperature adjustment should take place.
I've had this conversion in my laptop for two weeks and so far everything is working fine.
Two things that don't work after this conversion are that the speed is no longer displayed and that the zero fan mode no longer works (but this doesn't matter at all, because in my opinion a zero fan mode for gaming laptops is absolutely deadly.) Someone uses it stopped fans in a gaming PC? I don't think the hardware will survive that for long. With the controller I set the initial speed to 5%.
This is completely sufficient to keep the laptop idle at 40°C CPU and GPU temperature.
The fans are very quiet, quieter than Asus makes with its aggressive fan control in any case.
In addition, both fans now work completely separately from each other.
The GPU fan only controls the GPU, the CPU fan only controls the CPU. That's actually how it should be.
It is normal that the RX580 turns both fans on or off and both run at the same speed, simply illogical. A video can be found here: