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Asus GL702VM.303 Screen Color Problem, Warm/Orange/Yellow tint

Level 7
I bought the Asus GL702VM.303 and my screen color has some window tint, so I format the laptop and not use Splendid Technology, but I still have the Warm/Orange/Yellow tint.

The colors on the screen does not seem to acurate on this laptop, any thoughts how to solve this?

Thank you.

Level 10
Was it like this when you first bought it, or this came out just recently? Have you checked the color NVIDIA color panel if some parameters were misconfigured? Have you tried comparing to another unit of the same model? Can you post some screen shots of your problem?

I just got my gl702vm yesterday, and it's been driving me nuts. I have tried changing the icc profile, calibrating via windows and adjusting the settings via the nvidia control panel and no matter what I do there is this definate yellow cast to everything. I have tried the splendid utility to no avail. I tried uninstalling splendid with no luck and then reinstalling it with no luck. I have scoured the internet for this particular issue and I'm just not finding anything.

Level 10
This is also common with these asus laptops, either the screen is failing or the DP cable is loose/failing as well. Happened to me when my laptop was new as well, RMA it. They will replace it with no questions since its a common problem.