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ASUS GL702VI - did I jsut get a lemon or all models are garbage?

Level 7
Hello there!
My question is mainly to the GL702VI users, but ofcourse if anyone has any suggestions please write it down.

So I purchased this GTX 1080 laptop with 7700HQ CPU and 120 Hz screen from Amazon France since they had a 42% discount off from the MSRP.

However after turning it on I have spotted a green dot in the upper middle side of the screen:


It is small but I still notice it during games and movies.

Is this a stuck pixel?

I have tried pressing on it and massaging it, but it did not help.

I have also tried Rise of the Tomb Raider on this laptop.

I use this game for testing because I found it more reliable than most stress testing programs, like Aida64.

So I loaded up the game and tried it with 2 different APIs. Both gave a very disappointing result.

DX11 API: massive stuttering right from the start, game is unplayable
DX12 API: Massive suttering right from the start, game is unplayable + graphical corruption, black blurring effect and image has too much contrast

I did not even try other games since it failed even at the first test.

I have tried the game with 3 different drivers:
1) the preinstalled 382.xx (sorry, dont remember the exact number)
2) 385.34 downloaded from ASUS GL702VI driver page
3) 398.36 downloaded from Nvidia website

All gave the same result.

Tested this game with the same settings on a GL503VS with GTX 1070 and it ran much smoother without any experience killing stuttering.
I think a GTX 1080 should perform better than a GTX 1070 so why was is stuttering with the GL702VI ?
I doubt it is caused by the fact that the GL702VI has 120 Hz screen and the GL503VS has 144 hz screen.

I tried it with the factory installed Windows 10 (I think it was version 1703).

G-Sync was on and if my guess is right, these issues were caused by G-Sync. I think the VGA was not handling G-Sync correctly with the built in screen because I ran FireStrike and it gave 19600 graphic points, so the VGA performance was normal.

The seller offered a new unit, however I am concerned that the replacement will have these same issues.

my question: did I just get a lemon with dead/stuckpixel and a screen where G-Sync is not working correctly and causing stuttering OR all of these GL702VI are manufacture defective and instead of a replacement I should get a refund?

Thank you.