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Asus GL552VW keyboard stickers? 'A', 'S' and 'D' are fading

Level 7
Ok so I have a Asus GL552VW and I am looking to find something for the keyboard to replace the keys. There is nothing physically wrong with it but the buttons A S and slowly the D are fading off and is making it look ugly as all hell.
So what I am looking help for is does anyone know a product I can get to put over it, like a replacement sticker or something so that I can have a visible buttons again.
Ive been looking on amazon but I don't exactly know what to look for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Level 7
Thanks for your help everyone! Didn't expect this many people to be so helpful on here with such a simple question..........

Level 11
Not sure sarcasm is the best method to get a response from the community, but here you go, I will give it a shot.

I found in the past that the best method for key issues on a laptop is to replace them. I have done that successfully with a Dell laptop. I would suggest using a SITE LIKE THIS or a similar site. The one I linked to does not have your exact model laptop, but I'm guessing if you ask Asus directly, the keyboards are very similar to yours for many models listed there on that site. Watch the cost, they are like 10 bucks or so a key.