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Asus GL552JX keyboard light not working

Level 7
The computer is 6 days old. Everything is working excellent except the fact that my keyboard light is not working at all.
Its not flashing on boot either. I have uninstalled and installed all the ATK drivers several times, trying to use Win8 drivers as well
and also different bit version than mine. I have updated windows and there is no updates as for now for it. Downloaded all the drivers
from the Asus support page still nothing. Could someone please help me figure out how to get the light working? Thank you very

Kind regards.

Level 7
Fn F4?

maf23 wrote:
Fn F4?

I wish it would be that easy, it's not working even tho the Asus on screen notifications pops up saying the brightness of the keyboard is at max

Any thoughts or solutions

Level 7
If your laptop is 6 day old then you still have time to return or replace your laptop. Return your laptop or get it replaced. I would return it and get a refund if i was in your place. I own this laptop and i have lots of issues. In most shops you can return or replace your laptop within 14-30 days. Do not waste you time in service centres and forums?