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ASUS GL551J Laptop Help?

Level 7


I have a GL551J which I don’t use a ton anymore as I built a PC. With that said, I would like to get my laptop up and running better. It’s gotten incredibly slow. I’m just wondering my options, I’ve tried to do some searching, just not a ton of information I’m finding. 

I was thinking about replacing the battery, installing a SSD to replace the HDD, and seeing if I can buy better RAM. PC has Windows 8 installed still, and I think it should be able to handle Windows 10/11. 

Really want to know if I’m wasting my time here. Would love thoughts. 


Level 12

I have almost the same laptop but qhit GTX 950m

I7-4720HQ and 16gb ram

I update his hdd to ssd and the different is very very big but the laptop is old the display is not whit very good quality also the display is 60hz  and even whit the ssd installed and windows 10 i cant do so much things on it because the display is old and quality is bad for watching movies also is very slow for gaming and if i use it for something that will be to read something on internet listen something or play some YouTube videos that i dont care how good will be the quality listen some music on headphones  ot music system ,things like this .... So the choice is your 

Biggest different will be made whit new SSD and another 8gb ram to make them 16 + installation of windows 10 also dont spend money on battery my old laptop even dont have battery

Also if you still wont to make some upgrade undervolt the CPU if is unlocked and lock the clock speed of the CPU at 3.6 ghz i think this was the max also for the undervolt -60 to the core i think will be stable