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ASUS GL503VD-FY093T NVMe M.2 SSD Compatibility ?

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I just bought a new laptop, ASUS GL503VD-FY093T with 128GB M.2 SSD. To be honest, I'm not contented with it's write speed and 128GB is not enough for me.
I'm planning to upgrade this M.2 SSD to "Samsung SSD 850 EVO SATA M.2 500GB" or "Samsung SSD 960 EVO NVMe M.2 500GB". I think the first one is compatible enough for this laptop but I'm not sure of the second one, NVMe. I hope it is, as read-write speed is very fast for NVMe.

Is my laptop compatible with NVMe M.2 SSD? I checked internally, the default m.2 ssd does have 2 notches in the pins but the socket contains only 1.
NVMe drives have 1 notch in the pins. Since the socket on the motherboard has 1 notch on t he pins, is it possible that this laptop is also compatible with NVMe?


Level 7
Am I on the wrong forum to ask this question?

Yes, it supports. Its stated in the specifications of this laptop.
PCIE Gen3X4 256GB/512GB SSD <<<
Now your laptops comes with empty slot, but as mentioned in the specs, it can support PCIE Gen3X4, which is the interface needed for the M2 slot to support the NVMe ssds, like the Samsung 960Evo, and my recommendation, go with the 960 evo, Incredible speeds!

Level 7

Hi I have a Upgrade question I have a Asus ROG Strix GL503GE, Please can someone tell me if can I upgrade my 128GB SSD 03B03-00039600 - SSD P3X2 128GB to a*Sabrent 512GB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 Internal SSD High Performance Solid State Drive SB-ROCKET-512? I need more storage space as 128GB isn’t enough, I did phone Asus yesterday and all I got was they don’t know! I mean seriously they make the Laptops, I was kinda hoping they would know? I would appreciate if someone can help me on this upgrade question, I am looking at the SSD right now on Amazon, and ready to buy it once I know form someone on the Forum that this will work in my Laptop?

Many Thanks in advance *

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Hello Deanrwp72,
The spec of the SSD you want to install is okay,
but we can not guarantee if 512GB is compatible.
The largest we have tested on this model is 256GB.
Thank you.

I have a similar model i.e. Asus ROG GL503VD FY126-T

FYI, I've replaced the original 128Gb Samsung PCle3x4/NVMe, M.2 SSD with a 500Gb Samsung SSD, and added an extra 8GB of RAM to the available slot. No problems at this time.

1 .. SSD upgrade with 500Gb Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2. This SSD was placed in a 'ORICO NVME M.2 SSD ENCLOSURE (10GBPS)' for cloning of the original SSD to the new SSD (cable supplied with the enclosure). I did the cloning using Tools/ Clone Disk in Acronis True Image 2018, and just used the default settings. From memory it took about 10 minutes or so to clone. I then just removed the back plate on the laptop and replaced the old SSD with the new one. The laptop booted up fine, and has worked well since.

2 .. I added the following RAM card to the extra internal memory slot.. 'CRUCIAL CT8G4SFS824A 8G DDR4 2400 SODIMM CL17 SINGLE RANKED, APPLE AASP'. Again, no problems after boot-up. Note that the original Hynix (Hyundai) 8Gb SO-DIMM DDR4 1Rx8 PC4-192005O DDR4-2400 RAM card is still installed. It appears to have the same specs as the Crucial card (or at least close enough).

3 .. The items were purchased from Centrecom (Vic), and the 'capital letters' are to show the part descriptions on the invoice.

Hope this helps.