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Asus GL503VD can't get RGB to work on keyboard.

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I own a ASUS GL503VD and recently did a clean install of windows 10 and can't change my keyboard backlight color with Rog Aura Core, it just stays red. I already installed all the drivers including ATKPackage/Rog Gaming Center.

I also found a post and people suggested to install Armourycrate/AuraCreator so i tried it but nothing has changed.

In the same post they posted a download link for Rog Aura Core so i tried it but nothing changed. I could not download Rog Aura Core from the microsoft store because it kept asking me to redeem a code ? I'm hoping that someone would be able to help me.

This is the post where i found the download link from:


Level 7

Man, same here, none of the old software is available on the ASUS website which is super annoying, I also got the Gaming Center and the ROG aura core and all of the drivers that they still got available but it seems like I'm still missing something. Did you manage to figure it out yourself? 

Edit: Phew finally found which version works for the GL503VD, I downloaded it from here