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Asus GL502VT - GPU model and any chance to upgrade GPU?

Level 7
Hello, dear ROGers,

Today my video card of my Asus GL502VT has perished while playing Battlefield. The picture crashed with numerous pixels and after that when I try Aida and FurMark several tests the notebook freezes every time.
So, my key question - does anyone know the name of GPU model installed in GL502VT (GTX 970, 3Gb)?

And my 2nd question might look silly, but anyway, I saw in the same series notebook with the same CPU processor but with GTX 970 6gb, GTX 980, GTX 1060 and even GTX 1070.
So, any chance not just to replace GPU but to upgrade it or in notebooks it's more complicated compared to PCs?

Level 7
NVIDIA inspector detects my GL502VTs 3GB 970m as "GM204-A" revision "A1", and as far as I know, the 970m and 980m boards provide the same power so it would be able to theoretically support a 980m, but I dont know if they are the same dimensions, or connections, or if its even possible to be virtually supported by the motherboard.

Level 7
The GPU's in laptops are made specifically for laptops, and are soldered onto the board. So they arent upgradeable.

The only way to run the same laptop with a better GPU is to buy the model that has a better GPU, or use an external GPU setup.