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ASUS GL502VS/VSK BIOS update procedure?

Level 7
I updated BIOS forever ago on an Asus N71JQ and I'm again afraid of bricking my machine in the process for the new computer. Can someone outline the steps? I may need to do this as the BIOS apparently "optimizes system performance" but I don't want to risk bricking a relatively high end expensive machine for a little performance.

Also I am having trouble finding the right files due to lack of proper model. The machine I have was marketed as GL502VS(-FY281T, Slovenian) but dxdiag.exe shows it as GL502VSK. Which is accurate?

Also, FYI, the BIOS in DXDIAG shows up as GL502VSK.301. I am assuming that means that my computer is some derivative of the GL502VSK series and has version 301 of the BIOS for it but again I am asking just to be sure; is that all correct?

jamreal18 wrote:
Why do we need to update the BIOS?
Why too much complicated? Can't Asus just do it before they sell their laptops?

Cant we just use it instantly on purchase?

When a laptop is produced, the most recent stable firmware and software is installed on it.

But, things evolved and new code is introduced on the firmware / software.
Sometimes it is Asus's own Engineers that find a bug, other times a customer reports a bug unidentified while in development and often new features are introduced.
On other occasions, the OEM of the chipset / CPU - in our case, Intel - releases a patch to improve performance, solve a bug or improve stability.
So Asus - as well as other OEMs - launch an update.
As these patches can be built after the laptop is built, shipped and bought by you, an update is available.

And I give congratulations to Asus, for making the effort to update their machines.
It is one of the reasons I purchased my laptop, and all the laptops for my familiy (five in total).
Nothing more frustrating than having an expensive laptop with issues for the rest of its life, whether it is sound or graphics.

A BIOS update is optional or mandatory depending on the information Asus writes on its support page.
Performance and stability improvements are optional.
If an update it is mandatory, it will say so in the description, something like "The update is highly recommended for all devices".

For a power-user like me, I always do all the uodates.
But, the choice is always yours.

I always make the firmware updates for my televisions, which many found useless 🙂

Level 7
Will there just be a notification saying you need to update and when you press yes, will it automatically update on its own?

jamreal18 wrote:
Will there just be a notification saying you need to update and when you press yes, will it automatically update on its own?

I am not sure.

1) I think Asus Live Update only lets you know about driver updates: Wireless LAN, LAN, Card reader, ATK, among others, by default it is installed and periodically checks for updates;

2) If you install (I am not sure it is by default) the WinFlash program, you can click on Verify BIOS Update which will search for a new version, prompt you, download it and flash it for you.
I prefer a more manual method: seeking online, downloading it with my browser, placing it on C:\ and flashing it through WinFlash.

It is up to you to decide what you prefer and the amount of effort you put into it.
I prefer to do it critically and manually. Because my laptop is my main work machine.