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Asus GL502V Backside Mod Cooling

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I own an Asus GL502V


Intel i7 6700HQ
Nvidia Gforce GTX 1070
16GB HyperX DDR4

Everyone has issues during gaming with temps with that book. So I decided to use a cooling pad and do a bit of backside modding to get more air inside the case. Attached you find a pic of the mod. The notebook becomes really cooler with it, but I also ran into troubles that the notebook is now throttling (GPU not CPU) and I guess this happens because the temp sensor sitts behind one of those holes and gets cool air from the pad so the rpm of the fan goes down and the GPU throttles. I see it inside the afterburner graph.
Does anyone know where the sensor is sitting?

regards Tommy

Level 11
The sensors are inside the GPU and CPU die. There are no sensors on the motherboard that control the fans rpm. There is also a sensor in the chipset but that has no effect on the fans rpm.

What probably happened is that now with lower temps, your CPU is running faster. The GPU can now run closer to its full potential, causing it to overheat and throttle. You were CPU bound, now you're GPU bound.

Try undervolting both CPU and GPU. Also, install MSI afterburner or any other monitoring tool and see what the "limit" reason is. Don't waste your time guessing what's causing it, find the root of the problem.