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Asus gl 552vw hard disk constant short freezes when playing games

Level 7
Hello, I've been experiencing this problem for more than a year with my Asus GL 552VW: basically, my hard disk HDD (not the SSD, which works fine) seems to freeze from time to time when reading from it. For example, if I install a game on it, I will be playing it and the game will suddenly freeze, only to keep working a couple seconds later. This is not an odd occurence: I've experienced it two or three times per minute, which at the end of the day becomes very frustrating and annoying (especially if playing an online game, as the rest of players see me as lagging and think I'm about to drop out).

I also experienced problems when using a music production program (Ableton Live): the program was installed on the SSD but when it had to read plugins and files from the HDD it would have the short random freezes or audio tracks would drop out (stop playing) for a few seconds. I moved all the plugins to the SSD and the music program seems to work well now, but the problems with the HDD keep happening especially with games. You might say "why not move all those games to the SSD and leave the HDD for data like pictures, mp3 etc.?". Well, games are sometimes very big and they would occuppy all my SSD. Also, it seems rather odd: my friend, who also has both an SSD and HDD has games installed on the HDD and it doesn't happen to him.

I've tried everything: reinstalled windows and took it to a computer shop to have it checked, and the IT guy said all readings came without error, even though he DID experience the short freezes... he didn't know why they happened and only suggested me to move the games to the SSD which, as I've said, is not really a solution.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Level 7

I often find this not a problem rather than a inherited limitation of HDD. Constantly reading small files is the weakness of all kinds of drive, especially HDD. My recommendation is to move to faster HDD (7200 RPM) or big SSD.

I had few seconds freezing randomly on my ROG with Core i7-9700. I searched many discussions and did many things but nothing could fix it until it became worse and I noticed that the cause is my Seagate 3TB hard disk. I replaced the Hard Disk with new 4TB. It solved this randomly few seconds freezing completely.