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Asus Gaming center program exiting.

Level 7
Since windows update the asus gaming center is not working.Program exits abruptly after starting.Tried reinstalling software but it happens again after restart.Any solution for this ?

Level 9
This started happening to me a month ago with 417 Nvidia drivers. I don't know if it is windows updates or Nvidia drivers or combination of. I use XTU to undervolt and have read that xtu can interfere with gaming center (but never had a problem before updating Nvidia drivers). I've only seen a couple of sporadic posts complaining about this, so it seems it's not happening to everyone. Here is what I've discovered and if it works for you let us know. There is a service, "ROG Gaming Center Service" by default it is set to start automatically. If you stop this service, gaming center will launch without reading MHz's and temps both cpu and gpu. You can then start the service and the temp readings will work. You can now launch and close gaming center normally as long as you don't shut down your pc. You can set the service to manual and when you launch gaming center the service will start and this should solve your problem. I run as a standard user, so although I'm launching gaming center as a administrator the service will not start for a standard user when set to manual so this doesn't work for me. (click windows icon, lower left task bar/scroll down to and click Windows Administrative Tools/click Services/scroll down to "ROG Gaming Center Service", highlight then stop service, or double click and set Startup type to manual)

Level 7
Yes, I am facing the same issue also. ROG Gaming Center crashed and stopped working.