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Asus G74 Problem Please Help

Level 7

I have the asus G74SX-Dh1 and i have this problem that when i play games and use the laptop keyboard like the WSAD keys the mouse left clicks by itself.
Its not the mouse problem because I tried this with several mice. I also tried several other USB ports and it seems to be doing the same
thing. I have the logitech g500 and the cm storm spawn mice

Does anybody know what is causing that problem?

Thank You

Level 14
Which touchpad (Sentelic or Synaptics) is installed to your laptop?

Have you disabled the touchpad when you use the USB Mouse? Confirm you're running Sentelic version (so the touchpad STAYS disabled) if you've got a Sentelic.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

ye im using a Sentelic version

how do i disable it? i know you can disable it when you plug in a usb mouse but when you go in game it still works. how can i disable it totally?

Level 11
Try to update the Sentelic TP to version (methinks it's more stable than the version).
Make sure to uninstall Sentelic version first, use CCleaner to clean up registry, reboot,
then install Sentelic version.

Then you can disable it in Control Panel > Mouse > Finger Sensing Pad > Configure >
Enable/Disable Pad > Mouse Detection.