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Asus G73sw - Loud Fan

Level 7
I bought the Asus G73sw less than a year ago. But recently I noticed that the Laptop was unnormal loud, because of the fan.

So I looked up the GPU temparture which was about 88 Degreas.
And I wasn't running anything GPU intensive, just my normal Desktop.

Afterwards I looked up the Core, Shader, Memory Clocks These were at 675, 1350, 1250 which is the limit of the 460m.

Is there any possibility to solve this Problem, because the loud fan is extremly annoying.¨

Thanks in advance!

Level 7
when was the last time you blew out the fans? 88 is really high for idle! which may mean your vents are clogged

I actually never ever cleaned the fan.
But what I find strange is, that the Clocks of the GPU are always that high.

Does it void my garanty if I would clean the fan?

And does anybody knows a good video where you can see what you have to do to open the laptop without to damage it?


Just opened the Laptop and blew out the fans.
Now I can barely hear the fans in normal mode.

Also I ran a Furmark Test and everything seems to be okay. Now it's at about 58 Degres in Normal mode.

Thank you hazard99 you helped me alot.

I know this thread is old but I am having the same issue and is it really that simple to take this thing apart and clean the fans? I don't want to void any warranty. I also want to make sure I can put it back together easily. Any help is appreciated.