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Asus G733QS DirectX 11 games run very low fps - fixed?

Level 7
Hi everyone,

My issue is that games that uses DirectX11 runs at 15 fps or lower. After doing a lot of testing noticed that this is only happening in DirectX11 games, games running on DX9, DX12 and Vulkan runs at full speed.

Apex legends running at low frame rate and GPU not being utilized:

BF2042 running at a high framerate and GPU being utilized:

Appreciate help on how to fix this.

Before pinpointing that this issue only happens in DX11 games I have tried re-installing Asus crate and nvidia / AMD drivers with no success and I have all drivers updated to the latest version.

Level 7
Sad to see to no replies. Anyway, I got it fixed by doing a PC reset. Seems to be an issue of corrupted DX11 driver files.

WERYA wrote:
Sad to see to no replies. Anyway, I got it fixed by doing a PC reset. Seems to be an issue of corrupted DX11 driver files.

Interesting, do you know what may have caused the corruption? I'm having a similar issue on my Strix SCAR 15 G533.

Level 7
I had the same problem WOWarships running at 60fps no matter where I had it set in engine.config Pathetic! Doom and Doom Eternal were unplayable! After much deliberation and a clean install of Win11 (Not nessessary but as long as I was at it..) and every combo I could find I finally hit what for me works. System is a G733 QS.

1. Latest Clean install of Nvidia drivers
2 Removal of AMD Radeon software and a factory reset and clean install of THE DRIVER ONLY! No software!
3. Removal and clean install of Armory crate
Armory Crate set to Turbo mode.

After all that was done WoWarships and UT2004 now run at 165fps with Ultra settings
Doom and Doom Eternal now run at 140+fps consistently with max settings

My conclusion was that the Radeon and Nvidia software are conflicting or canceling each other out. I was almost ready to box this thing up and return it as the Lenovo I replaced with this had an RTX 3060 and it walked all over the 3080 in my Asus. (Additionally the Lenovo's two USB C ports quit working after a week a hardware failure...) However, I had no similar issues with having both software's installed on the Lenovo so I'm guessing it's really a three way issue with Asus Armory Crate Nvidia and Radeon software. Hope this helps you.

I realize the 2021 AMD based G733QS doesn't have a MUX switch... Asus if your listening it would be really nice if a future BIOS update had the option to choose and set Dynamic or Discrete graphics .... Just Sayin!