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ASUS G733QS BIOS 319 issues

Level 7
Hi, after updating the BIOS to version 319, during games (tested with COD warzone) the CPU in performance mode continuously drop the core frequency to 316 Mhz-399 Mhz for a few seconds.
Same problem with the turbo mode. In silent mode it worked fine.
Before updating the BIOS it worked fine.
Temperatures are ok: CPU ~80°C, GPU ~70°C;

Has anyone an idea or the same problem?

Level 7
i have the same issue cpu oveheating to 95 C ( in days gone ) , i downgrade bios to 315 and everythink is ok right now. ( tmp below 80 C )

Hello friends, I also have the same problem with my Strix scar II Gl704GW, update bios 308 to 309, then undervolt locked, but in the Asus download center, there is not the Bios 308 that I need and I only found it in bin format by Google, but I was unsuccessful with installing it by msdos.