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Asus G713QR, G733QR. WiFi module replacement problem?

Level 7
Hi. I am tried to replace a wi-fi module in my notebook Asus G713QR. Here is installed Intel AX200NGW. I have two another modules Intel AX200NGW and AX210NGW and both this modules do not work in my G713QR. But these two modules are perfectly working in other notebooks. Only factory AX200NGW is working fine without any problems.

When i install one of my modules in notebook and setup a drivers, module is working. But after first restart or power off i got troubles in device manager: Code 10,43,56:
This device cannot start. (Code 10)
Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)
Windows is still setting up the class configuration for this device. (Code 56)

You can see attached picture, it's errors for AX210NGW for AX200NGW picture is identical:

It's not driver's problem, i tested all existing drivers. A thought arises what factory module is tied with equipment, and notebook can only works with factory module. Perhaps this was done to simplify the tracking of users, It's not in vain - in the latest laptops released in 2021 wifi module is soldered on motherboard.

So, two questions:
Users, Brothers! Do you tried to replace you WiFi module in your notebook G713/G733 or similar? Everything works fine?

Dear Asus, what you can say about this, how such possible?