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Asus g55vw i5 vs i7

Level 7
Title: Notebook, games, movies, work with photos, desktop replacement

Price range: up to 30 000 CZK (if less obviously - all the better)

Use: Notebook need as a working thing - although photoshop (base case), editing photos ... of course also to the things around, a little programming, RAW, movies, music, games ... As for games, I do not have 15, I had to have a new game every week, of course, quality lodging delight, but it is important to launch well-WoW, The Witcher, Dragon Age ... and another course as abreaction not resist 🙂

Mobility: The notebook is on the table most of the time, once in two or three a week, the car will transfer to another city. The socket is usually within reach, if not, then it's possibly a train ride, acute on the laptop somewhere outside of "civilization" ... but it's not a priority.

Quality of design: design, looks do not matter ... but I do not want a plastic monster that will twist and heat like crazy

Diagonal: Notebook will serve as a replacement for the PC. Dimensionally, I'd say just 15 - I have naturally dark external monitor or keyboard, mouse. It is important for me that I will not always work with a laptop at the table where my monitor, so transferring the apartment is quite important. Moreover, in the present moment, I used to 12 (fujitsuSiemens U9210) and work on such a small screen can manage - so We are not panicked to 17.

Other requirements: basically just classic - card reader, DVD drive, a larger hard drive ... important to me is that the laptop was not the radiator - insanely be drowned packard bell, which I had at home, or some Lenovo ... because I choosing rather straight G55 - which is cool ... of course it's nice to notebook and spill something endured a week after the warranty (I understand that this is what no one can guarantee

Resume: I chose, levied through Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, I arrived at the G55, but where I think of critical things to say i5 vs i7 ... where another difference is ssd - version with the i7 ssd disk version ... i5 with only 750 gigabytes 2 gigabytes classics ... the difference is irrelevant ram - ram take it as a thing to possibly solve no problems.

Thank you for your advice, tips, or comments.
(sorry for my English, it is not my native language)

Level 11
Well here is where you stand.

i5-3210M is a dual core 2.5ghz with a max turbo of 3.1ghz

3100 MHz (1 core)
2900 MHz (2 cores)

i7-3610QM is a quad core 2.3ghz with a max turbo of 3.1ghz

3300 MHz (1 core)
3200 MHz (2 cores)
3100 MHz (3 or 4 cores)

Now lets look at them core for core on the turbo. The i5 will be at 2.9ghz when useing 2 cores. The i7 will be at 3.2. as you can see there is quite a diff in clock speed. Now for single threaded stuff thatt only uses one core the i5 will be at 3.1 and the i7 will be at 3.3

All around the i7 is a better cpu. With hyper threading stuff that can take advanced of it will fly and the i5 just wont keep up. Video encoding and what not is where the i7 will really shine. Some games will also run much better but only those that can take advantage of the 4 cores or more.

Also note that the i5 versions of the G55 only have 2 slots for memory and the i7's have 4.

Thanks for the answer, rather I'm wondering if I need a quad-core i7 processor.
Several acquaintances tell me that i7 is basically needed for cutting and editing - which do not plan to.
Another difference between the variants G55 with i5 and i7, the SSD drive. In a configuration with i5 Republic is not.

It is interesting information - I did not know (memory slots)

Level 11
i7 is better all around. You want the i7. SSD is also a nice + as it will make the system feel much faster.

ok, thank you for your advice, I'll wait, then, until distributors will be back in stock configuration with i7 🙂

Level 11
Yeah you will love the ssd and the i7 comes in handy at times on some programs.

bignazpwns wrote:
Yeah you will love the ssd and the i7 comes in handy at times on some programs.

Especially with Photoshop.

The SSD will help with over all system speed.

The SSD also uses less power so your battery life will increase (instead of 2x 7200rpm HDD)

i7 will help with post-processing (filters, brushes etc.)
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