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Asus G18 shuts down when doing heavy processing or gaming

Level 10

See my signature for specs. Running BIOS 321. Windows 10, 64 bit.

When I am processing something heavy, such as rendering a video for a while, or using a picture editing software and an AI feature in there, my laptop shuts down instantly. No message, just off. It also happens when gaming, sometimes.

When I lift my laptop more than 1cm (it happens with 1cm lift), it happens a lot less, but still does at times.

So, I am thinking it's either a heat issue, which is pathetic, considering that this is practically a new laptop with the famous "liquid metal" (since end of July), a memory issue (which I doubt because I tested the RAM and it's fine), a power supply issue (no idea, but why would it rarely or not happen if I lift the laptop), or something else.

My issue here is that, if it's a heat issue, I only see the RTX 4080 going max to 87-88c, not always though. It shouldn't reach that, of course. It shows the liquid metal is not well applied, but even if it reaches there, why is it shutting down the laptop instantly? Shouldn't it just lag or slow down? Especially during gaming. Other laptops I had, when reaching 89c, would lag/stutter in games and not shut down.

It happens in Manual, Performance, Turbo modes. I actually use Manual most of the time and I even tried with a 75c limit for GPU, and it still happens. I see temps go above 75, all the way to 88 so this limit doesn't work, surprise.

Does anyone have any idea? I'm considering selling this and moving on, but I'd prefer fixing it.

Update: Fixed by repasting, see answer solution below.

ASUS G18 - RTX 4080 - 32GB DDR5 5600 MHZ - I9-13980HX.

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Level 10

Update: Back from a long vacation and I repasted the GPU and CPU.

GPU Hot Spot no longer reaches 109c. I tried longer gaming sessions and running photo editing software using a tool that used to make it crash and GPU Hot Spot only reaches max 96c, but usually between 76c - 84c.

GPU normal temp (HW) does sometimes go up to 89c after a while in heavy GPU usage, and then back down, but I don't feel any difference in performance. It's usually around 80c though so that's good for a laptop with an RTX 4080. Maybe I should use more paste, not sure.

No more shut downs since Hot Spot no longer reaches 109c, so if anyone is experiencing any issue, just repaste the laptop.

I did not repaste the VRAM as I don't really know what it would affect and it seems there's plenty of blue paste though. If anyone has any insight, let me know.

I cleaned the GPU and used thermal paste SYY-157 on both GPU and heatsink. Thin layer on both.

For the CPU, I reused the badly applied liquid metal and repasted it with the same one since it was all over. CPU temps aren't any better though. 2 P cores reach 97-100c sometimes, but most P cores are at 89. I don't experience issues so I'm okay now.

I did not like working with Liquid Metal and I wish Asus wouldn't use it anymore but just normal quality thermal paste. It would cause less stress when cleaning it and moving it around.

See images that show my cleaned GPU and the way it looks "burnt". I tried to scrape it off on both GPU and heatsink prior to applying the thermal paste. The images show the CPU before I reapplied the liquid metal. I'm still surprised that the CPU "repaste" didn't improve the temps much but just a bit.


ASUS G18 - RTX 4080 - 32GB DDR5 5600 MHZ - I9-13980HX.

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Level 11

Based on what you described I would discard a software issue and rather focus on a hardware one. It could be a loose power cable or the cable connecting your screen to the motherboard which would explain why you lift the laptop it shuts off. I doubt it's heat related. If you have the MyAsus program installed you can run a System Diagnosis. Why don't you try with that first see if the software detects a problem? If it does not I would suggest take your laptop back to the merchant for an exchange or to the Asus maintenance centre for a free check up since it's still under warranty. If it's a not a cable/connection issue it could be a more serious problem with your screen or your motherboard. Anyway this forum won't solve the problem for you ,you need to give it for a check up and maintenance.

Thanks for your reply, but I believe you misread. "which would explain why you lift the laptop it shuts off" - Not at all. When I lift it, it helps and it stops shutting off, at least mostly. System Diagnosis didn't help. I dread thinking about taking it for warranty because they don't have on-site like Lenovo. I miss that service.

ASUS G18 - RTX 4080 - 32GB DDR5 5600 MHZ - I9-13980HX.

Level 12

Set the undervolting in the BIOS to -70 mV.

I've tried -80, -70, -60, -40, all of them don't seem to matter 😞 (as in, laptop still shuts down regardless of the value, as per my original post).

ASUS G18 - RTX 4080 - 32GB DDR5 5600 MHZ - I9-13980HX.

They are important for the CPU, while undervolting the nVidia GPU can be done with MSI Afterburner.

As I said in my first post nobody on this forum is going to solve your problem. You'll get random posts giving you advice which does not make sense. The only option , as much as you dislike it, is to either exchange the laptop for a new one at your retailer or take it for repairs to an authorized Asus service centre. I suspect your problem is a hardware one and one you can't repair yourself without risking voiding the warranty.

And you're right, and you're wrong, as it costs nothing to uninstall "Armory Crate" and try "MSI Afterbuner" to lower GPU voltages and lower GPU temperatures.

As I understand it, that is the goal.

Well people in the U.S don't have to worry about risking the void warranty because the the FTC ruling on Right to repair.

I believe the EU also has this as a Law.

Level 10

What I know so far is that the GPU Hotspot temperature is reaching 109c and then it shuts down, around there. I am forced to put the manual mode limit to 75c for the GPU and reduce from 25w to 10w, and increase the fan speed. Then, I don't get shut downs. It might still happen if the room gets hot but now it's a cooler temperature.

I assume I need to repaste or check the amount of pressure or tighten the GPU installation.

I'll try MSI Afterburner, do you know what GPU voltage I should choose?

ASUS G18 - RTX 4080 - 32GB DDR5 5600 MHZ - I9-13980HX.