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Asus G17 Scar vs Strix G18

Level 7

Hello, I am planning to buy a laptop. I don't play games, but I need a mobile and quite powerful computer for graphics, I work in Photoshop, After Effect, Blender. Currently, I have been using a 17.3" Lenovo Legion with i7, rtx 2060, 64gb ram for 3 years, but it lacks some performance and the battery is already weak.

I am thinking about:

Laptop ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 G733PZ-LL054W R9 7945HX 17.3" WQHD 240Hz HDR 62GB 1000SSD RTX4080 DLSS 3 W11 or

ASUS ROG Strix G18 G814JI i9-13980HX/64GB/1TB/RTX4070 240Hz

I have both in a similar budget, the Scar g17 has nice parameters but has a lot of strange problems with everyday use that I read about here, which is quite puzzling for equipment at such a high price. I need stable equipment for work. I had already decided on the G17, but after reading the reviews I was a bit afraid to buy it. The battery, however, theoretically performs better in tests in the G18 and probably has fewer problems? However, the 4070 graphics are reduced compared to the 4080. The question is: is it worth choosing Asus? Which one would you choose? I design mainly on external screens, so the screen itself is a secondary issue.


Level 12

Specifications and lower price are not everything, so it is worth paying extra for better service and better software that supports the hardware. I'm also a graphic designer and out of these two computers I would choose a DELL laptop.