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Asus 2021 ROG Strix G17 and Windows Update - 24 components to install

Level 8
Is this the way to update ones laptop? Is it recommended, safe or a mistake, bug from somewhere?

Here's a list of waiting installs, 24 of them

What would happen if I simply installed all of them? 🙂 As usual these came like a thief at night, I happened to wanna see what the "System Restart Needed" was about.

Well, ain't just gonna install this pile today, I paused Windows Update 7 days, hoping to get to see Asus response here


Level 8
Today I installed BIOS 330 via USB and EZ Flash in BIOS, the System Firmware 330 was not to be found on Asus downloads and Windows took me to Windows Update. To my surprise, all of the 24 waiting installs were not showing and I pressed Windows Update search (wanting System Firmware 330), nothing found...then I checked Installation history...all were installed on the 21st of Oct, and I found out about the list on the 22nd..?..Eventually I had to install the "BIOS for Windows 330" which installs BIOS and System Firmware (but that didn't change the fan speed bug)

Reason I tested BIOS 330 is I get too high fan speeds with BIOS 327 and 329 which have made me revert to the latest OK, 325.
330 is like 327 and 329, too loud, high rpms even at 1% fan setting - I ONLY use Manual mode in Armoury Crate.

So now I'm back to BIOS 325 again, laptop is nice and quiet, fans at 2000/1600 rpm with the profile I always use. With the last three BIOSes I get way higher, non acceptable noise levels