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ASSU GL702VS - the $1800 laptop with no support from ASUS?

Level 7
Dear ASUS !
My question to you, why did you stop the driver support of the GL702VS laptop?
The main problem is the VGA driver.

Other laptops like the HP Omen 17, MSI GT73VR, MSI GT75VR work properly with VGA driver downloaded from NVidia website, however most ASUS laptops only work properly with the VGA driver available on it's specific ASUS driver page.

Laptops which I have found to work better with ASUS driver than NVidia driver:

The Chimera had microstuttering issues with the Nvidia driver, however the GL702VS and the G701VIK had more issues. Both use the same 120 hz AUO panel and it seems this panel needs some specific optimization in the driver for the G-Sync to function properly.
With ASUS driver released specifically for that laptop (I tried it, you can not use other driver from another ASUS laptop) it works perfectly, however with NVidia driver G-Sync causes 2 more issues (besides microstuttering) in DX12 titles:
- black ghosting of the screen during movement
- too high contrast during movement

The issue with detailed descriptiuon here:

The GL702VS(K) has this issue. Only ASUS driver 376.06 can get G-Sync to work properly in DX12 titles using the built in AUO screen (external monitor has no issue).

My questions:
1) Why do you design your laptops to only work with your drivers properly?
2) If you force customers to use your drivers, why won't you release more drivers? 376.06 is the one and ONLY driver optimized for the GL702VS and that driver has been compiled in 2016. NVidia is already at 398.36...

C'mon ASUS, release at least 1 more optimized driver for this laptop before GTX 1180 hits the market ...please?

Just an FYI, it's unlikely ASUS will reply to you here. This is primarily a user-to-user discussion forum. If you want to lodge an official complaint I would call phone support. But if ASUS has decided not to issue further updates I'm not sure you can change that.
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