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Are these problematic temps for the GL552VW? (960m 2gb model)

Level 7
I bought this laptop (GL552VW) around the time it first released (late novemberish) and I noticed that Ive been getting really high temps:
(Nothing is blocking the vents and I also have a fan cooler pad underneath, tested with the same games after 2 hours and temps recorded with HWmonitor by CPUID)

Turbo boost on (peak temps):
93c cpu
84c gpu

I also tried turning off turbo boost to lower the temps
Turbo boost off (peak temps):
85c cpu
82c gpu

So my question is will keeping turbo boost on and running my computer in the 90s significantly decrease the life expectancy of it? In other words, are these "safe"/"normal" temperatures?
Ive read a lot of stuff from other websites but I still havent found 2 sites that agree.
While turning off the turbo boost does give more satisfying temps, I kind of feel short changed as its not really reaching its full potential 😛

Level 7
They're safe in that they won't damage anything. CPUs and GPUs won't allow themselves to be damaged like that. 90c+ makes people pretty paranoid but in reality it's not a huge deal. The GPU and CPU themselves don't really die it's more the BGA solder joints that go, but the days of poor quality solder after everything went lead free are over I think.

Level 7
I have been writing for a few days around here. If you don't care about the warranty do a repaste and drill holes in the back cover over the vent. Temp drop is huge.

Level 7
Processors designed to handle 95C
Grahpic cards should be between 85C - 90C