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Anyone have a BIOS 302 ROM dump with working KB lights for GL502VS?

Level 8
I have a GL502VS-DB71 (The i7-6700HQ/GTX 1070 model) whose BIOS updated to 306 from 302, then bricked itself because apparently 306 doesn't support SATA SSDs. I bought a Samsung EVO 860 1TB to replace the original mechanical hard drive (because its not like SSDs get cheaper and people might upgrade, right?), with the 256GB m.2 being the boot drive. So Windows does a firmware update, the laptop reboots and is stuck on the "ROG" logo and can't even open the BIOS. This was only fixed by removing the SATA SSD, which allowed it to boot to Windows after restarting. So I managed to track down the 302 BIOS ROM and did a rollback, also making sure that Windows would not update the firmware again. This at least allowed me to actually use the laptop with an SSD in place of the hard drive.

And then suddenly the keyboard stopped lighting up. Attempted to reinstall the ATK package to no avail, even actually updating the BIOS to 306 (and reverting it) and even reinstalling Windows - Still nothing. Keyboard lights can't be toggled, installing drivers from Windows Update/ASUS website/Device Manager fixed nothing.

Level 8

I'm facing a similar problem. My HGST Mechanical HDD gave up and I bought a new SSD to replace it. I got the data recovered from the failed HDD into the SSD and then installed it into the laptop. But the laptop doesn't go past the ROG Logo and I have no access to BIOS. I have to remove the SSD to get it working as expected.

Did you manage to solve your problem? If so how? Also if you used BIOS 302 could you share the file with me as I can't seem to find it anywhere.

This is the link I used to get BIOS 302:
ASUS still has the file up but no longer has a direct link.

You'll have to flash the BIOS using "other" methods as it normally won't let you rollback to an older version.
Aside from the obvious "BEWARE OF PLAYING WITH BIOS" warnings, after I used this ROM to rollback, my keyboard backlights went bye-bye.

After the rollback was done (and it stays on 302), I was able to reinsert my SATA SSD as a secondary and the laptop again booted to Windows. It sometimes hangs on Windows Updates that require a restart though.

Thank you for sharing that. So you couldn't find an option with KB Backlights working eh? I don't understand why ASUS has to make things so difficult for users. Thanks anyways.