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anyone got any ideas for running GL752-Vw?

Level 7
Just got my first Asus ROG this week and am excited to join the community. If any one has some good tips for running on these gaming notebook I would love to hear them. I got the GL752-Vw, I7 6700hq, GTX 960m, with 16GB DDR4, 1TB hdd+128GB SSD. and the main reason I'm curious is because it frim what I can tell so far I'm really not getting much better performance out of it then my old gaming laptop. which was MSI GE60 Apache Pro, i7 4700hq, GTX 765m, 12GB DDR3, and 750GB HDD. But that really just doesn't make much sense to me. BUt any thoughts would be apprichated.

Ive also checked out XTU and run the same setting that other are running and am coming in way under their benchmark scores.