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All GL702ZC-WB74 Owners Please Respond with Feedback

Level 8
I am attempting to find out how many more people have the same model as me
and if there has been any problems with the unit since purchase.

Please come and put your experience with it here and feedback.
I want to find out if the unit is really worth having and if any,find out if others have had the same problem with the unit dying or having defects or over the course of long time died due to use and heat and cooling down for years....

I want to know if any others have had similar issues with the unit as mine was.
Black Screens of Death,Unexpectedly shutting down and Restarting unexpectedly and Random Black Screen with Power Led only...

I just want to make sure I am not alone,and please tell me if there is any problems your having with GL702ZC-WB74.

Thank You

P.S. Why am I asking this?
Because I am trying to narrow down whether it is worth it after two years....
I just got mine fixed for 534.77 saved 40%

I just need to narrow down the decision for Long-Term use.....I need your help with my decision in the Long Run.
Your experience and feedback with it,and the ups and downs and so forth will help me.