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After the latest BIOS update keyboard stops working randomly (G18 2023)

Level 9

Model number: G814JI (G18 2023 - RTX 4070 variant)

After the latest BIOS update:


My keyboard now stops working randomly. It's sometimes when I'm gaming, sometimes when I'm working, and it does not recover. Once it recovered by itself, once I needed to put the laptop in sleep and then wake it up, and when it just happened some minutes ago nothing worked so I had to reboot.
Everything in MyAsus and armoury crate is up to date.

Windows Event Viewer has nothing about this, no warnings in device manager.

I lost time when working, lost matches in CS2 as well because of this issue. I'd be really happy to know about its solution.


Level 9

Happened again. This is really frustrating. Please someone help.

Level 9

More info about this:
It fixes itself if PC goes into sleep mode (full sleep) or after I restart.

Level 8

Model number: G614JI (G16 2023 - RTX 4070 variant)

- Been having the same issue for about 3 weeks now, not sure what's changed recently, just remember some Asus updates auto installed and a few days later my keyboard stops responding randomly. No matter what I try it only works after a full restart. The lightning remains functional when this happens, but I can't type, windows key doesn't do nothing, alt + tab, ctrl + shift + esc nothing, it's just frustrating.

At first it was happening maybe twice a week, but for the past week it's happened almost twice a day regardless of what I'm doing (gaming, browsing, etc.). Yesterday a bios update 325 auto installed upon restart, but nothing changed.

I hope someone from Asus will see this post. I don't want to RMA the device knowing that it is most likely a software issue as I do not remember this happening when I first bought the device.

Level 9

Tried BIOS V315, could not fix my issue. 

Level 7

I have maybe the same problem...


After update bios to 324 and keyboard firmware fix ROG Keyboard Firmware Update tool V3.8.3.007 I received issue when keyboard stops working, also randomly. Moreover - when it works it has"missclicks" like pressed Shift or Ctrl

Downgrade bios to 321 didn't help. I think trouble is in Keyboard firmware fix, but trying to write a letter to support gave me nothing - support can't give an utility to downgrade a KB firmware. Also they wrote "nobody else have this issue and I should bring my laptop to service center"...and this is terrible

When you mentioned that keyboard firmware update tool now I realised that there's a bigger chance of my problem being that instead of the BIOS.
I'm in contact with the support right now and linked them this post, I'll see what they tell me. I really hope that I won't need to RMA the laptop for clearly a FW issue, which is for sure not only for my device.

Level 8

Is anyone here using a Bluetooth mouse? I've been using a ROG Gladius III ever since I bought the laptop.

Over the past month, I've been troubleshooting this issue, and as part of my testing, I opted to connect the mouse via 2.4G instead of Bluetooth and have refrained from using any Bluetooth devices altogether. Thus far, it's been a week and the keyboard hasn't stopped working, but I can't definitively identify the root cause yet. Nevertheless, it's intriguing to observe the improvement in my laptop's performance without using any Bluetooth devices.

Level 8

Please disregard my previous response. Shortly after posting it, the keyboard stopped responding again, so I'm back to square one 😑