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Adding third display to GL553VD via USB not working

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I am trying to add another display since the HDMI port is already taken. I already established via threads on this forum that the USB-C of the GL553VD is of no use since it can only transfer data, no display capabilties. So my focus went to the USB-A ports. Since it has USB 3.0 ports, I asummed it should be possible to connect another display via an USB-A to VGA/HDMI adapter. I got one, but unfortunately it does not work. It detects its plugged in but the screen will simply receive no signal.

I confirmed the adapter itself works, I tried it on a ThinkPad in a USB-A 3.0 port and this worked fine.
Is display capability simply not possible via the USB ports on this ROG model? Should I give up on that? Or is there any other trouble shooting I can try?
I already tried reinstalling the display drivers, restarting, trying with other USB and HDMI ports unplugged, extending with START+P and detecting in display options.

My GL553VD is a i7-7700HQ / 16GB RAM / GTX1050

Thank you very much for your time and support.

EDIT 8:04PM:
I figured it out!

In case someone in the future bumps into this: Mine wasn't working properly because my device has 2 GPUs, it had trouble with that. Setting the driver's default GPU to integrated in Display>Graphics did the trick.

Keep in mind the solution may depend on your adapter/system.

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Welcome to the forums!

From what little that I know about it the USB-A to vga adapters have their own vga chip in the adapter, so you should see it appear in device manager when it's plugged in and after you install the driver, the vga chip should appear under the display adapters just like your other notebook vga adapters, so you may want to check that and make sure there were not any problems to install the USB to vga adapter driver.

Feel free to discuss or request more feedback from others, but expect there should be a way to get USB to vga adapters working if you want to look into it more or try another one.
USB-A docking stations with vga outputs should work similarly for the vga output if you have any interest to use a docking station instead.
Good luck!

Level 7

Could you explain how you got the dual monitor setup working? I have the exact same laptop. I can't find the settings you mentioned: "set the driver's default GPU to integrated in Display>Graphics".

I know it's a long shot, since this post is 1.5 years old.