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Accessing full BIOS/reducing latency on GL702VS-AH73 laptop

Level 7
Hello all! First time posting. I'm hoping someone can lend some insight:

tl;dr version (too long; didn't read):
I have a DJ software/hardware product that is experiencing latency spikes, and am looking for a way to disable USB 3.0 and C-States (if that applies to this machine) in BIOS. However, the latest BIOS (v307) on my laptop seems to be missing those controls, so I'm curious if I'm running a "dumbed down" BIOS instead of one that allows full control. (That, or if I'm just blind and missing the menu option that I need.)

Longer explanation:
I bought a GL702VS laptop a few months ago that I'm attempting to run Traktor Pro 2 DJ software on, but there is a high latency issue causing bad crackles/pops in the audio. Using LatencyMon I can see that I sit around 500us-900us average latency, with spikes going from 2000us all the way up to 15000us. These interruptions only occur when the associated Traktor S4 MK1 hardware is plugged into a USB port - using the software standalone has no issues. Nothing else has produced audio latency before, even when pushing the machine to it's limits. I heard that the Traktor S4 hardware has issues dealing with USB 3.0 due to something involving isochronous data streams, but I don't have any USB 2.0 ports to fall back on, thus the need for a workaround.

I heard that A) disabling USB3.0 would help fix the issue, or B) disabling C-States/CPU throttling functions may reduce the latency. However, I haven't found any of these options in the fancy-looking 307 BIOS menus. Truth be told, I would prefer a non-fancy looking BIOS and go back to the classic blue/grey flat menus, but I don't know if such a thing exists.

If you are a DJ and are interested in/have ideas about fixing this issue within Windows, I have a t...

If anyone has ideas on how to fix these issues, it would be greatly appreciated.

Level 11
You can disable C-states using throttlestop

You can disable C-states using throttlestop

Oh very cool! In the entire time I have been researching this, I have never come across this program before - disabling C States brought my average latency down from 500-900us to around 80-110us. Not sure if this solves my spiking issue, but I'm much closer now. (I actually had to disable it from registry first.)