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60C Degrees Idle Temps on ASUS ROG GL704GV-DS74 Laptop

Level 7
Hey, i'm gonna be the first to say I don't know the most about computers. I noticed my idle temps were sitting around 60 degrees Celsius recently and after googling a bit I don't think that's good. I got this computer around January this year (2020), and everything ran completely fine, had a great run through DOOM Eternal. However, now when I play more intensive games, like Sea of Thieves or sometimes Overwatch, the temperatures can sit around 75-80. (They also idle around 70-75 on less intensive games like Team Fortress 2 or Garry's Mod.) The thing is - my frames don't even drop at all. I don't think i'd notice any issues if I didn't open the ROG Gaming Center and check the temperature, or just hear the fans. I'm less concerned about the games running well and more concerned about not damaging my laptop - what should I do?

Level 7
Hey, I dropped my idle temps from like 55-60C to 45-50 C just by changing the keyboard light from rainbow to static since I noticed it was taking up CPU in task manager. A little silly, and I liked the rainbow, but oh well. I'm also gonna buy a cooling pad so hopefully that helps once it ships.

That's great to see. I have the same laptop model as you, do you mind sharing cooling pad results with me I'm also thinking of getting one.