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5Ghz Wifi network not detected for GL752VW!

Level 7
Hey y'all,

I've noticed something a bit strang with my GL752VW. At home I use a Belkin wifi router that actually provides 2 different wifi networks : one is called something like Belkinxxx and the other one is called Belkinxxx5GHZ.
With any of my devices (Ipad, android smartphone, Kindle Fire...) I can connect either one or the other.
On my GL752, the 5GHZ network just doesn't appear in the least of available wifi networks.
I don't really care, as I'm still able to connect to the other one, but do you guys have any idea on the reason why?


Level 7
No answer on that one? Am I really the one not being able to connect on the 5GHz band???
Or am I the only one to bother?

Level 7
I use the 5 GHz band exclusively on my new GL552VW. However, I have noticed that the signal strength is a bit lower than it was on my previous Dell laptop.

You should verify in your settings that 5 GHz is enabled, and then use a program like inSSider to see if you are picking up any 5 GHz signals.