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2023 Strix G18 - Cannot boot into Safe Mode - Battery Indicator Blinking Orange

Level 8

Hello everyone 2023 G18 i9 7 Rtx 4080 here,

Sometime within the last couple weeks (Started with Bios .313), my notebook became unable to boot into Safe Mode. I can enter the recovery menu with no issue, enter boot menu selection with no issue, but after selecting '4' for Safe Mode, the notebook hangs with the Asus logo on-screen and the battery indicator light starts to blink orange.

It happens when switching from 'Ultimate' gpu mode to 'Standard' gpu mode too, Armoury Crate prompts for reboot to switch modes, but when restarting the same thing happens, blinking orange battery indicator light with the Asus logo on screen.

It also happens when a program has to 'restart to complete installation', blinking orange battery indicator light.

This has also happened with past Bios updates, but not all of them, some completed and booted into Windows with no issue, others got stuck. This is the first time I have been unable to enter Safe Mode, and that programs cannot restart the system succesfully in order to complete installations/uninstallations, requiring me to hold the power button to shutdown the notebook when it hangs at safe mode boot/program induced-restart.

If I do a full shutdown, then a cold-boot, the notebook loads into Windows with no issue.

I have ran System File Checker, ran Check Disk Command, with no errors reported.

Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?


Edit: Selecting 'Restart' from the Start Menu works without issue as well.


Edit 2: Opened & Checked For updates in Windows Update,

Downloaded & Installed 2023-07 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5028254), It installed and rebooted, got to 30%, another reboot (as per usual Windows updates do) and the system hung at the Asus logo with the blinking battery indicator light. Performed a manual shutdown, waited, cold-booted, updating resumed and completed to 100%, successfully loaded into Windows.   Opened event viewer and finally got some info out of it, before it never generated any errors when trying to boot into Safe Mode, this time there was '1' Critical Error   -   Source: WinREAgent,   Event ID: 4502,   Task Category: None,   General: Windows Recovery Environment Servicing Failed,   Event Data: ErrorPhase 2, ErrorCode -2147467259

Ran 'reagentc /info' in an elevated command prompt, status reads enabled, returns a valid location. returns a boot config data identifier, operation successful.

Looking for a solution before fresh installing Windows.