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2023 Strix G16 - Cores 0,2,4 are 15-20C hotter than the rest.

Level 8

Got my new 2023 Strix G16 with 13980HX, everything is great, except for thermal throttling of individual cores.


It's always the same cores (0,2,4) regardless of which app I use. The temperature difference compared to other cores is very significant:Cores 0,2,4Cores 0,2,4

This causes premature throttling of CPU, while most threads are bellow 80C.

I assume this is bad liquid metal job ? Any suggestions/ideas ?


Level 8

Am I the only one with this problem ?

What do others have as temperature difference between hottest and coldest core ?

Level 8

Well, I opened it up today and here's the factory LM job:

Asus Factory Liquid Metal Job.jpgAsus Factory Liquid Metal 2 Job.jpgAsus Factory Liquid Metal 3 Job.jpg

So I cleaned it up, reapplied LM and it solved the problem, the cores are much closer in temperature now.

In fact, performance is excellent now, 34800 in CB23 with undervolt -180/-125/-125 (Core/Cache/E-Cache)

But, Asus liquid metal factory application is terrible, this needs to be improved. I wasted a lot of time on this, had to buy the LM, voided warranty, so very risky, Asus should not put customers into this situation.

Level 9

I have  had alot of different laptops. Temps had always been like this, difference betten cores etc. No mather what brand. 

i have changed paste on maany laptops and got better temps and scores in Cinebench etc. 

its just a waste of time. What is the point of getting a little better Cinebench score? Nada. Just use it and game on it..

todays CPUs are Made for running on the limit all the time. They Will boost, get hot, throttle, cool down and do the same again. 

Whats the point of staring at the temps all the time instead of just using it as it is. You just voided warranty. It Will still be the same temps when all settle and your repaste Will look the same 🙂

i have wasted so much time staring at temps and fiddling with undervolt. But what works the best in pure performance is just running it like its suppose to run 🙂 

So you're saying this is an acceptable liquid metal job ? If so, I wonder at what point would you consider it not acceptable ? 

How do you think your repaste look when you screw down the cooler ? Look after a week or two. It Will look the same dude. 😆 nowdays everyones an engineer 😅

Level 7

Hello, do you move the laptop a lot? I am thinking of buying this specific model but I tend to tilt them with a cooler base, I would like to know if the risk is great