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2023 Rog Strix G17 G713PI (R9 7945hx/RTX4070) thermal throttling on performance mode

Level 7

I bought this laptop recently, and I noticed a problem during the first hours, while playing basically any heavy game (Halo Infinite, Forza 5 etc) on performance mode the CPU starts throttling heavily and the frequency drops as low as 950mhz and stays low until I quit the game, so it's obvious thermal throttling, turbo mode and curiously silent mode work better and there's no heavy throttling like in performance mode.

I'm using the latest bios (319) and all updated AMD, windows and Nvidia drivers, so it's all updated.

None of the reviews I saw about this laptop mentioned this, I want to know if this is a general issue with this laptop model or if I got a bad machine and exchanging it would fix this.


Level 8

Maybe run a monitoring tool like HWInfo to see the temperatures and reasons for the throttling?  Might help figure out what the issue is (thermal or voltage).

Level 7

I would also disable Windows power throttling to see if anything changes.

Check this guide: