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2022 Rog Strix - Keyboard Lights not turning back on

Level 7
Hey Guys,

Have the latest and greatest Rog Strix available - but hasn't felt that way so far.

I keep having issues where the led lights turn off, but don't get activated again until a restart.

They will be working fine, then I'll be watching something and they may go off - then they just don't come back on

I've gone to Armory Crate to try and change the LED patterns etc but nothing still shows, I'm using custom ones as I don't need fancy effects

Also to note, how do I make the AURA button switch between my custom profiles? It only goes through the default ones which is pointless



Level 7
Guessing no one else has experienced these problems? Its doesn't help trying to brighten the keyboard etc f2/f3 the keyboard lights just switch off altogether ;/

Level 7
Does no one from ASUS monitor this forum? The issue is still ongoing for me 😕

Pay 5k for a laptop that can't even keep its keyboard lights on - what a waste

I have a new ROG Strix Scar 17 and had a similar problem where the keyboard lights wouldn't come back on after the laptop resumed from sleep.

The MyASUS app didn't have any updates for the keyboard, but the support website did have a firmware update for the keyboard which fixed the issue for me. The lighting works as expected now.

Maybe have a look at the support site for your particular model.