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2021 ROG Strix SCAR 15 G533QS BIOS Version 327

Level 7

After MyASUS app updated laptop to BIOS 327 it lost ~1000 rpm of fan speed.
Before max speed was ~7000 rpm @ 80c and now it's ~6000 rpm. Even before BIOS update laptop was hot during gaming, now it gets super hot.
Can you please bring back 7k rpm back?


the problem that downgrade doesn't help. it takes me to reboot my laptop to get more RPM

Level 7
BIOS v329 was released on July 11. Anyone willing to try it and see if it fixes the issues?

329 solves nothing on my g513qr 2021. fan rpm issue still continues also ftpm stutter too

smlgunes wrote:
329 solves nothing on my g513qr 2021. fan rpm issue still continues also ftpm stutter too

I'm on the 2020 g512lw, and still in contact with ASUS regarding my machine being afflicted as well. The only issue is that because mine is an older model, one of their responses was "we have no plans to fix your model, here's a list of models that we are fixing", and now they won't even acknowledge that statement. After seeing your post I'm wondering if this was more a bad Armoury Crate update, as so many of us started experiencing the same issues around the same time, and the last BIOS update for my rig was a full year ago, I updated to it in November 2021.

I pray that it is actually AC's fault, and they just fix it eventually, as it seems they continue to pass the buck on this one.

Level 9
329 does not solve the fan speed problem in manual mode. I still can't get speeds lower than 2400 rpm. On manual mode 0% stops the fans and 1% spins them at 2400 rpm. Went back to 325. This has nothing to do with Armoury Crate since 325 bios works fine.

Level 8

same problem😵

Level 9

Bios versions 330 and 331 have the same issue. Open ticket with ASUS support.

how low were you able to make the fans spin on 325 and older?

the 2400rpm isn't very loud but seems kinda over kill at times

Level 9

At 20 % they would spin 1500 - 1700 RPM. SPL and SPPT set at 15W. It was indeed cool and quiet.

Level 8


In my case the problem was limitation of upper limits (I didn't mind the noise when working or playing in the headset). After 329 the upper cap limitation was removed and things went back to normal (so my manual setting with aggressive fan on slightest sign of temperature rising works again).
Please also mind, fellow notebook owners, that you need to open the lower cover and dust it off from time to time. Both fans do love to catch a lot of dust tightly and it takes a bit of cleaning effort with compressed air if this happens.