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18 - Error: Unable to start a Secure Flash session, GL553VD

Level 7
I had MB Replacement on GL553VD and the result was Keyboard Backlight not working!
So I searched in forum :

as our friend said it's a BIOS bug
I searched and I find GL553VD Dump files
303 and 306 version both working with backlights

Here is tools (AFUWIN v3.05.04 AND 303 Dump & 306 Dump and my own Dump 308) :

and here is instruction:
Step 1. Run AFUWIN (AFUWINGUI) and go to "Open" and locate the working KB light 6MB BIOS image.
Step 2. On the Setup tab of AFUWIN, check only these boxes: Do Not Check ROM ID and Non Critical Block 2. Then click on "Flash".

but I get ( 18 - Error: Unable to start a Secure Flash session. ) error
I tried official roms from asus website even version 303 and it's working
just not working with dump files!