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⚠️📝Petition to end mandatory bios update through windows update

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Sign the petition please ( 📝


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QR code available on the link above ⬆️


Asus needs to end mandatory bios update through windows update 

It should go into optional drivers section of windows update, period

We still want new bios and drivers, new features, improvements, of course, but bios update should be always optional


Sure Scar 16 I believe you. You have been badly affected b y Asus BIOs and they need to seriously investigate this and I can entirely agree with you that BIOs updates be made non mandatory , optional  so consumers can choose whether to go for one or not. If Asus is indeed pushing for BIOs updates to be done through Microsoft they need to stop because Microsoft already has a dodgy reputation with their constant updates that break things. The BIOs updates should be exclusively done through Asus software so Asus can assume responsibility if they create problems.

@Frinik22, the problem was not a huge deal because, you can always rollback the bios, even if it needs a few workarounds, you can always rollback

Yeah, thats what we are discussing, making the bios update optional, put it on the optional driver section of windows update

We want new bios updates and improvements and new features of course, asus implemented ddr5 5600 support with a new bios for example 

We just want options, put bios in the optional driver section 👌💪

I can support that!👍

"Asus didn't comment about this subject until now . So we don't know who's the one to blame Microsoft or asus But i suspect is Asus "

Hey, I can answer this to you. BIOS udpates are only the will of the OEM, when you can make BIOS or drivers update through Windows updates, it means the OEM (ASUS here) allowed these to be integrated in the Windows update lifecycle which made them easy to apply on the systems instead of going with a separate process of flashing it. Microsoft don't manage the OEMs BIOS or drivers. I got your point, I agree also on the side effects, the fact is not having bios regularly updated exposed you to Windows issue because the OS is in constant update cycle especially regarding security concerns. So install the BIOS udpate when you want yes, but it's tricky.😅

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@Frinik22 @Kezmark

We all reached an agreement, everything is OK now 💪👌


Thank you @Frinik22 

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Keep signing the petition and liking my post people

Lets go 👌💪

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We have won or a lest a change check bios page now says optional


The bios are now in the optional driver section of windows update??

@SciGhost @Kezmark @Leroy_D @Rammouz 

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4 weeks have passed and not a single word from anyone thanks for the feedback guys I really appreciate it!

It seems asus only marked the bios as optional in the website, nothing more

The bios is still forced through windows update... No change!


APO Coming to 12 and 13 gen cpus, performance increase 


P.S 2

@tesma, thank you for sharing your opinion on this subject, interesting 👍

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@delinquent_null @tesma @Rammouz @Frinik22 @paulanocom @Leroy_D 

New bios out (324) and is still mandatory through windows update, no change

Asus only marked the bios as OPTIONAL in the website, nothing else

Folks keep on signing the petition and share the petition with friends and other users, thanks 💪👍