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⚠️📝Petition to end mandatory bios update through windows update

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Sign the petition please ( 📝


✍️ ->

QR code available on the link above ⬆️


Asus needs to end mandatory bios update through windows update 

It should go into optional drivers section of windows update, period

We still want new bios and drivers, new features, improvements, of course, but bios update should be always optional


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Let's go my dear friends!

Signing the petition is easy, takes a few seconds 

Level 12

Thanks to everyone who liked the post and signed the petition 👍

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As a IT specialist I understand the pain. ...I doubt that ASUS even with a petition will stop how the Windows update service handles driver and software requests to their server. I'll sign the petition anyways, but on an organizational standpoint most large organizations have Wsus servers and Updates restricted via group policy. If you have windows pro, then there's nothing stopping you from also creating a GPO to prevent windows from downloading specific updates. I know that's not helpful to a lot of consumers and non-it specialized individuals but it might help.

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One thing I do is set the bios admin password so the bios update can not start without my approval.

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I disagree. Bios updates exist for a reason. 

My Asus desktop (G15CE) had a terrible BIOS update (BIOS 215) which made the lights malfunction, and there was no way to revert back to the original BIOS. It took over a year for BIOS 216 to come up finally fixing the lighting issue, so that definitely made me very cautious of BIOS updates

Good, now you can check if needed update and update on your own terms and conditions. Keep your bios enforcement to yourself. Nothing has changed Bios update always has been manually updated.

Level 12

@Frinik22, yes bios update is important, but should be optional... 

Some bios suffers from issues at launch, like bios 319 for example, which was removed from Asus website and windows update 

See official bios 319 issues thread

No other brand of laptops release bios update using windows update and making everyone updating by force

I repeat there's no other brand of PCs or laptops, motherboards, etc, that release new bios through windows update, and therefore making the bios update mandatory for everyone

Only Asus does this, and is simply stupid

Imagine asus release a new bios that bricks/kills the laptops, that can happen one day! 

@Leroy_D, agreed 100%, thanks for nice words and for signing the petition mate

@FreeBetaTester, thanks for the feedback