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XG43UQ release date?

Level 7
Anyone know when the XG43UQ will be released?

I have been patiently waiting for it and it feels like it is taking forever to release that I am about to jump ship and purchase the LG 38GL950G instead!

Cmon, can an admin enlighten me lol is it soon, still months away?

I already have the XG438Q and will also get the XG43UQ when it is released. Cmon don't make me jump ship to a competitor brand already, getting impatient here lol.

Level 7
I Think officially was Q3 2019 , a Asus Guy on Gamescom 2019 talk about that release Date in a Video
with a Info that the UQ can do Only 8 Bit with 4K and 144Hz and not 10 Bit. :mad:
And in another Youtube Video a Reviewer talk at Gamescom 2019 about the Dimming Zones of the UQ and that there be Only 16
of that. Not Good if that is truth.

The XG438Q does not get away well with users Reviews alot of Text Smearing that comes from the BRG Panel
anonther Clear Typ Mode in Windows helps a little but not much. And the Rumors say that the UQ have the
Same Panel :mad:

I Read a Rumor in another Forum that Q1 2020 ist the New Time Window but i think its more Mid to End 2020
that Asus Release the XG43UQ. I think they have Problems with the Integration of DSC and that causes the
Delay. Its a shame that Asus dont talk about that and Nobody knows anything for real only Rumors goes around.

Maybe you buy another Monitor from another Brand and be Lucky with that if you need a New Monitor now.
we should all do that maybe this brings ASUS to talk more about Infos and Delays and keep more Care for
there Costumers.

tbh I don't mind it being 8bit(most of the games are on 8bit) not 10bit since I will be using for gaming purposes only, and i still can benefit from the Gsync using 1 dp thanks to the DSC, and I'm waiting for the ASUS XG27UQ that was announced the same time as XG43UQ both were supposed to be released Q4 2019, but if I know one thing by now about Asus, as a Mothership owner, it was announced and rumored as Q1 and I got disappointed on every quarter of 2019 until it was released on Q4 2019 October 5th.

couple of weeks ago, they had both ASUS XG27UQ & ASUS XG43UQ pages up on the site, with the specs and everything and then they took them down for some reason... it was promising, It is disappointing that Asus can't be clear about their releasing dates.