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XG349C + 2070Ti No HDR over DisplayPort

Level 7

I've just gotten a Strix  XG349C monitor and an Asus TUF 2070Ti GPU, but I cannot get HDR over DP to work.

Over HDMI its fine so far, but DisplayPort just goes black screen and eventually says 'no signal', luckily MS added the Win+Alt+B to toggle it.

I'm using the cables that came with the monitor. I've tried the DP v1.1 and v1.4 options that are on the monitor, but not sure if there are other options that have on/off before HDR DP will work?  Nothing clear in the manuals.

Is it something odd, like only some of the GPU ports support this?



Super Moderator

Odd, obviously you're right to use the cable supplied with the monitor, but I'd be tempted to try another given the symptoms.

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