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XG32VQ Monitor Random Disconnects

Level 7

I've had the ASUS ROG XG32VQ Monitor for about 3 & 1/2 years. Never had any issues up until recently with my new computer build (specs below). After a week or so of running without issues following some intensive cable management, the monitor started randomly losing HDMI connection. Computer still running fine, GPU within normal temps, no other graphical issues or error codes. Just randomly dropping and reconnecting the display at random intervals, regardless of what program was running. Drivers are all up to date for the GPU and the monitor and there the computer power/sleep settings are set to "never". Sometimes I had to power everything down & cycle before it would go back to normal. Tried two or three HDMI cables and both HDMI ports on the GPU. No luck. Additionally, the peripherals that were plugged into the monitor would also lose power even though the monitor itself still seemed to be on despite the HDMI disconnect.

This afternoon I decided to try out a DisplayPort cable instead of HDMI. I've been meaning to do this for a while but was too lazy to get the cable. I booted the computer up and ran a few different games and benchmark programs to see if it would trigger any GPU related disconnects. No disconnections so I went ahead and unplugged the HDMI from the monitor and plugged the DisplayPort in to the monitor and computer. As I'm tidying up the cables behind the monitor and putting the rear cover back on, it disconnects. Unplugged DisplayPort, retried. Same result. It's now going back and forth every 15-20 seconds between connected and disconnected. So...both the HDMI and DisplayPort are experiencing connectivity issues.

As an additional check, I borrowed a second monitor from a buddy and plugged that in via HDMI (same cable and GPU port used previously by the ASUS monitor). While my ASUS monitor (vis DisplayPort) is in the midst of the literal stroke mentioned above, the 2nd monitor is displaying my desktop with no issues and my computer is properly detecting two monitors. I'm thinking this rules out any issues with the GPU or the computer itself, or cable issues. Is an issue with power a possibility? Or is this most likely a monitor issue?